A unique look and feel

Cyclus is not simply a recycled paper. Cyclus is a unique paper.

A superb quality, a beautiful texture and a unique subtle shade

The paper accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine with – and support – the visual image. The choice of Cyclus is not made by chance, it is a clear demonstration of your own values and personality. The unique qualities of Cyclus, mirror your individuality.

A paper with an environmental story that contributes to your message


The environment is a key part of everyone’s CSR communications.

Using Cyclus 100% recycled paper is a great way to remind your customers that they’re in good hands. Every piece of Cyclus-based communication you send them is further proof of your commitment to the environment.


Case study : Cyclus Offset, a perfect fit for Passoni luxury bicycles

Richard Davey, Sales Director, Leycol, who has been working with Cyclus paper for over 20 years, explains:

Cyclus Offset is a perfect fit for Passoni – there’s crossover in that the bikes are hand crafted products and we were working with a paper that feels handcrafted, unique and different to low-grade silk material. For an uncoated material it prints extremely well, which allowed us to retain the bright colour quality of the photographs. The catalogues were printed using a Heidelberg CD six colour 102 coater and vegetable-based inks made from 100% bio-matter, producing a beautiful catalogue that is also sustainable.”

Jeremy Kunze, Founder, Studio Kunze, 2014

“We wanted the catalogue to convey the newly designed bicycles in a style more synonymous with a luxury fashion brand but in a subtle way. The A3 size brings the heroic element of the bikes whilst the Cyclus Offset paper with its tactile texture prints beautifully and portrays Passoni’s craftsmanship and attention to detail.”

Case study: Cyclus gives R7 brochures the edge in argent project

Steve Edge Design was appointed by Argent LLP to develop a brand identity for their latest commercial building, R7 in Kings Cross, London. One of the key strategies for the project was to mirror the vibrant nature of the development in a stunning 68-page brochure, made using Cyclus Offset 100gsm. Cyclus was chosen to add a modern feel but on paper that wasn’t pure white; a high-end brochure with a newspaper look.

The brochure’s design needed to appeal to businesses in the tech industry. With many of the other buildings in the area referencing historical aspects of King’s Cross, Steve Edge of Steve Edge Design says “We wanted to create a vibrant and modern brochure design. Taking the pink façade as inspiration the brochure featured fluoro pink as the lead colour, with striking metallics which communicated the creative space that Argent had created.”

Angela De Vorchik, Operational Marketing Manager, Arjowiggins Graphic, said

“This is an exceptionally well designed and printed brochure that truly reflects the stunning architecture and building design, whilst appealing to a specific audience. We’re really pleased with the role our Cyclus Offset paper plays in achieving the overall design and print vision and we’re delighted to share this with other designers and printers to showcase the capabilities of Cyclus.”

Mark Shields, Sales Manager, CPI Colour explained

“We were thrilled to be involved in this project and produced an excellently printed product that allowed both the design and the paper to shine. The challenge for print was the significant amount of ink that was required for a 100gsm paper. The paper performed really well and our strategy to print on both sides in the same run gave us a brilliantly smooth and striking finish.”