Blue Angel EU ECOLABEL CERTIFICATION (N° FR/011/003) Forest Stewardship Council

Cyclus Offset is a 100% recycled uncoated, natural white offset paper with its very own character. The paper accentuates the creative message, where touch and feel combine with – and support – the visual image.

With its special properties Cyclus Offset can reproduce strikingly beautiful monochrome and full-colour pictures and its excellent opacity allows for clear and legible reproduction of pictures, even at low grammage weights.

Cyclus Offset 70-350 gsm.

Fully compatible with all digital presses :
See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural ressources by using CyclusOffset Calculate


Lush Catalogue printed on Cyclus Offset 80 and 250gsm

Céline Catalogue printed on Cyclus Offset 115 and 250gsm

Uoga Uoga perfume sample packaging printed on Cyclus Offset 250gsm

Life After Cu Leaflet printed on Cyclus Offset 200gsm

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Conformity to the most rigorous certification standards:

  • FSC® Recycled  (N° FSC-C021878) – upon request for reels
  • EU Ecolabel  (N° FR/011/003)
  • Blue Angel
  • Nordic Ecolabel (5044 0100)
  • PCF: Process Chlorine Free
  • Din 6738: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)
  • HP Indigo: suitable up to 160gsm
  • Food contact
  • Heavy Metal Absence
  • Toys Compliance

Digital Compatibility

                         High precision machine cut paper with optimised wrapping:


Parent reels are cut into digital sizes using the latest generation of fully automated cutting equipment:

  • Reduced risks of paper jams for lower maintenance costs
  • Increased digital press lifetime (no dust, no impurities)
  • Perfect size and squareness (+/-0,5mm)
Konica Minolta

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner
HP Indigo

Liquid toner
Cyclus Print
Cyclus Offset*
Cyclus Preprint*
Cyclus Silk

Suitable Guaranteed

* papers only guaranteed up to 160gsm - suitable above 160gsm
Test have been performed by a UK independent test center and trials have been undertaken accordingly

Printing & folding techniques

  • Sheet offset, heat set web offset, laser and narrow web offset presses
  • OCR/ICR – approved from 90 g/m². All inks suitable for uncoated paper
  • Clamps, thread and adhesive binding. Recommended – without precreasing up to 170g/m2, punching and embossed printing recommended
  • ICC profile
Product Name Grade Finish Printing Method Paper Class ECI Profile Fogra Profile Screen Type TVI Curve
Cyclus Offset RecylUNC offset SFO,HSWO PT5  ISOuncoatedyellowish.icc FOGRA 30.txt Analogue C ( CMY ), D ( K )


  • catalogues
  • stationery
  • magazines
  • promotional print
  • brochures
  • posters
  • direct mail
  • report & accounts
  • etc.