EU ECOLABEL CERTIFICATION (N° FR/011/003) Forest Stewardship Council

Cyclus Silk is a 100% recycled, 2-sided silk coated paper, which produces particularly outstanding results when used with four colour offset printing. Cyclus Silk has a unique velvety surface which is perfect for large areas of solid colour and high quality photographic reproduction.

Cyclus Silk 70-130gsm.

Fully compatible with all digital presses :
See how much you can reduce your consumption of the world's natural ressources by using CyclusSilk Calculate


Conformity to the most rigorous certification standards:

  • FSC® Recycled  (N° FSC-C021878) upon request
  • EU Ecolabel  (N° FR/011/003)
  • Nordic Ecolabel (5044 0100)
  • PCF: Process Chlorine Free
  • Din 6738: Age-resistant standard suitable for archives (LDK class 24-85)
  • Food contact
  • Heavy Metal Absence
  • Toys Compliance

Digital Compatibility


High precision machine cut paper with optimised wrapping:

Parent reels are cut into digital sizes using the latest generation of fully automated cutting equipment:

  • Reduced risks of paper jams for lower maintenance costs
  • Increased digital press lifetime (no dust, no impurities)
  • Perfect size and squareness (+/-0,5mm)

Protective wrapping perfectly positioned

Konica Minolta

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner

Dry toner
HP Indigo

Liquid toner
Cyclus Print
Cyclus Offset*
Cyclus Preprint*
Cyclus Silk

Suitable Guaranteed

* papers only guaranteed up to 160gsm - suitable above 160gsm
Test have been performed by a UK independent test center and trials have been undertaken accordingly

Printing & folding techniques

  • Offset, dry offset and web offset with heatset drying
  • All inks suitable for coated paper
  • Varnish and lamination
  • Suitable for clamps, thread and adhesive binding


  • catalogues
  • magazines
  • brochures
  • promotional prints
  • posters
  • direct mail
  • etc.