Environmental calculator

Demonstrate your environmental commitment by using an  Environmental Benefit Statement

With our Eco-Calculator, illustrate the detailed environmental savings you have made, in terms of:

EauWater Emissions de CO2CO2 and
greenhouse emissions
EnergieEnergy BoisWood Déchets évitésLandfill


Ready to show your commitment?

It’s easy, just enter the details of your print job into the Eco-Calculator and customise how you display the information:

  • texts
  • icons
  • typography

You will receive a hi-res PDF ready to include in your print job.


It’s a simple, transparent way to highlight your CSR commitments to the people who matter.

on how you can show your environmental savings

To make it easy to show the world, you can include your Environmental Benefit Statement on any specific print job:

  • corporate documents
  • annual reports
  • promotional literature
  • etc.