Cyclus 2018 limited edition notepad

Printed on a 5 colour offset, LED/UV zero ozone emission press with matt lamination and selective silk screen  UV gloss varnish.

This year, Arjowiggins Graphic has collaborated with CMM Marketing to offer you a new limited edition notepad that showcases the superb colour reproduction on Cyclus 100% recycled papers.

Audrey Boblin, Graphic Designer, CMM Consulting

“For the notepad design we wanted to explore how printed colours appear on textured paper. Cyclus offered a wide range of possibilities and was a perfect match for our project: a bright finish and a delicate touch for a pop and modern result which was environmentally friendly. The excellent colour reproduction and the unique texture of Cyclus were both essential components for a successful proposal.”

Environmental printing


To limit the impact on the environment, the notepad was printed on a Heidelberg LED UV zero ozone emission press.

Cyclus Print 350gsm was selected for the cover because of its remarkable print performance which allowed to keep the richness and colour really punchy, the text pages are printed on Cyclus Offset 90gsm for its specific feel & touch. To get the most of the design, a matt varnish has been applied on the cover, combined with a selective gloss varnish


By printing this 2018 Limited Edition Notepad on Cyclus Offset and Cyclus Print 100% recycled papers rther than on non-recycled apers, the environmental impact was reduced by: 6,591kg of lndfill; 106,482 litres of water; 6,945kWh of energy; 5,835 kg of wood; 566 kg co and greenhouse gases; 5,661 km travel in the average european car.Sources: Carbon footprint data evaluated by Laeblia Conseil, Virgin Fibers from non-integrated mill latest European Bref data.


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