Social Responsibility

Whilst our business objectives must focus on profitability, the opportunity to give something back is also important for us

For several years, we have worked together with NGO’s to help children and their families across the world, and we are proud to continue to support this work going forward.

2017: Cyclus and ChildFund Alliance help provide ‘Light to Learn’ for Children in Mali

In villages without electricity, it is impossible for children to do their homework at night. But, with the gift of a solar lamp, you can provide them with the means to study and better prepare their future.

2016: Cyclus champions women’s education by funding much-needed bicycles

Many girls have to walk long distances through hostile terrain just to get an education. In 2016, Cyclus has decided to help Childfund International to provide 100 bikes and ensure that Indian girls have safer and faster commutes to school.

Lalita Murum, in 1st grade class at Dawnra High School

“I like school a lot but before the days could be very long and tiring, because High School is 5km from my village. I got up early to help my mom in housework, and then urged me to go to school. It was sometimes difficult for me to remain attentive. My father would have liked to buy a bike when I asked him but his low incomes prevented him. I am very happy to have received this bike, it is a wonderful gift that changes my life and encourages me to pursue my studies and achieve excellent academic results. My parents are also very happy for me.”

2015: Providing education for one year to the children of the 4 SOS Children’s Villages of Madagascar

Faneva Raharimanantsoa, Head of Communication, SOS Children’s Villages Madagascar:

‘’In 2015, funds raised by Arjowiggins financed the schooling of all the children of the 4 SOS Children’s Villages preschools of Madagascar. Their financial contribution was used to register the children to the preschool as well as to buy all the necessary supplies for their schooling. These schools allow the children of these 4 villages as well as those of surrounding villages to receive schooling. They prepare them for primary school and allow the parents to have a professional activity to meet the needs for their family. Many thanks to Arjowiggins for its support!’’

Photo: Seger Erken

2014: providing education for one year to the 500 children of the Vontovorona SOS Village’s school in Madagascar

Charline Bergeron, Head of Partnership at SOS Children’s Village, France :

“In Madagascar, the rate of illiteracy is about 67 %, which is a major cause of non-development and poverty. SOS children’s Villages supports education by opening preschools, primary schools and middle schools, including general and specialised trainings. These structures are dedicated to the poorest children of the villages where SOS Children’s is present, to offer them a qualitative education and a better future. Arjowiggins Graphic’s support is concretely helping SOS Children’s Village to facilitate access to eduction for the 500 children of the Vontovorona SOS Children’s village school, near Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.”

Faneva Raharimanantsoa, Head of Communication SOS Children’s Villages Madagascar

Cyclus notepad 2014

2013, providing clean drinking water for 3,000 people of the village of Dafra, Burkina Faso

Charline Bergeron, Head of Partnership at SOS Children’s Village, France :

“The issue of water is essential for Arjowiggins Graphic, just as it is for the children’s village in Dafra, Burkina Faso. In a very different way of course. But there was a consistency in the approach applied by Arjowiggins Graphic that we liked. They reduce their water consumption here and offer access to water there. The interesting thing is to see how we can have a tangible impact in Burkina Faso, from here in France.”

The Cyclus campaign collected €10,000 which covers half the costs of operating the water tower for a year. That represents access to water for about 3,000 people. We could never achieve so much without companies like Arjowiggins Graphic. We are really proud of this partnership because it has real meaning.”

Cyclus SOS campaign 2013
Rwanda 2012

Rwanda 2012

Supporting education in Rwanda through a donation of money and school books.

SOS Children’s VillagesSOS Children’s Villages France is an independent private development organisation, which builds families for children in need. Through a network of over 500 villages it provides family-based care to orphans or children having lost parental care in 134 countries with a safe, loving home, health, and education.

childfund-allianceChildFund Alliance is a worldwide alliance of children’s development organisations, working in 58 countries to improve the lives of vulnerable and excluded children, help them overcome poverty, and access their rights.