While everyone is talking big about protecting the environment, we, on the other hand, can do some small things for the environment. And these small things, when done simultaneously can make a huge difference.

1. Bring your own washable cup

When you need a coffee, you can always bring with you your tumbler or your own cup at the coffee shop. You can even use it in your office pantry so that you don’t have to use those throwable cups and plastic cups.

2. There are still some good ones in leftovers.

Open up bottles of shampoo and cut out toothpaste tubes. You will be surprised that there’s still more to use at the bottom. Old bar soaps are still usable to the end, stick it to the new one and it still becomes usable. Old clothes can still be recycled to cleaning rags and torn clothes can be sewn.

3. Keep the electric outlet free of plugs when not in use

You might as well remove the plug out of the electric outlet. It still consumes power while it remains plugged in. Turn off your gas stoves. Turn off the lights during the daytime. Keeping watch on this can save you some money with electric consumption.

4. Don’t ignore it, trash it out properly

There’s a candy wrapper on the street, pieces of paper on the drain, plastic at the playground, and other trash here and there. Do care for the environment. Have the goodwill to pick it up and put it in its proper waste bin.

5. bring your own bag when shopping

Imagine how many plastic bags you can save from clogging the drain? Having your own bag while shopping saves you all of the plastic used for packaging.

These are just a few things you can do. But if everyone does the same thing, what a wonderful world we could be living in.