Most parents are aware that too much media consumption can have negative consequences for children. But there are some films and series worth seeing that educate the youngest about environmental protection and sustainability and are therefore not that bad for development. In a child-friendly way, they learn what it means to protect the earth and create a better future. Today we show you the best children’s films and series that deal with environmental protection and sustainability.

Amy and The Wild Geese

This film is from 1996 and is best suited for children aged 6+. A family film based on a true story about courage, love of animals and nature. After the tragic death of her mother, 13-year-old Amy moves to Canada to live with her father. Her father is an inventor and very creative. one day bulldozers destroy part of the forest and cut down numerous trees. Amy then finds a lonely nest there and hides the eggs at her home. When the goslings suddenly hatch, she has to take care of them and teach them to fly. Her father is therefore working on an unusual flying machine with which Amy flies the geese to the USA in winter.


A very well-known Disney/Pixar animated film is Wall-E from 2008. The little robot is left alone on earth, which humans have made uninhabitable with their garbage and the pollution it causes. So while people have fled into space, Wall-E should now clean up the earth and make it habitable again. The film is suitable for all ages and shows the sad consequences of decades of environmental pollution in a chin-friendly way.

The Lorax

This film is also suitable for young people and has no age restrictions. The animated film takes place in a small town where not a single tree grows. All plants are made of plastic, which of course does not produce oxygen. This is why air is sold in bottles. A character escapes from the city and searches for the real trees. Funny artificial characters like Lorax, the patron saint of trees, make the film exciting and explain the connection between trees and oxygen.

Checker Tobi and the Secret of Our Planet

Checker Tobi is known from the knowledge show of the same name, which is available for free on YouTube. In this film, Tobi embarks on an exciting scavenger hunt around the world and explores different climate zones with different weather and living conditions. You can learn a lot about the climate and the world with this film, it is suitable for children from the age of 6 and is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime.

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Our Earth

Animal documentaries are always a hit and are also suitable for children aged 6 and over. “Our Earth” dates from 2009 and follows three animal families: polar bears, elephants, and humpback whales. The focus is on the mother animals, who do everything they can to protect their young. A beautiful and moving documentary that introduces children to the lives of wild animals.

More movies about the environment include Our Oceans, The Big Bear, The Tiny Ones – Operation ZuckerdoseTrai, and a whole list at uwatchfree on These films are also streaming on Amazon Prime.