Sustainability in the company is not just about the conscious use of natural resources or protecting the climate. In addition to the company’s legal obligations, this includes social responsibility for employees, suppliers, partners and the people who live at the company’s location.

Incidentally, this approach is not a modern invention. Even the merchants and craftsmen of the Middle Ages acted according to the rules and norms that their guilds prescribed for them.

In the last two decades, in addition to social responsibility, environmental protection has become more important within corporate sustainability concepts.


What are the benefits of sustainability for your company?

Positive external effect

Companies that operate sustainably enjoy a higher reputation among employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, and investors.

More economy

Sustainability has a positive effect on the profitability of your business. It can open new doors for you.

Large companies and corporations are often obliged to pay attention to sustainability when selecting their suppliers.

Those who act in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way save costs, for example, for electricity, water, packaging, IT equipment or office supplies.

How and where can companies act sustainably?

It does not necessarily have to be a really big sustainability project. Even on a smaller scale, you can make important contributions to more ecological and social responsibility with your company.

Save electricity and water

Switching to a green electricity provider is a simple but effective way of making your company more sustainable. Ideally, your local public utility company will have a suitable tariff in its range. Switch to energy-saving LED lamps for lighting office workplaces and production halls. Install motion detectors in low-traffic areas. Check whether investing in new, more energy-efficient plants, machinery or equipment is financially feasible.

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With plants, you underline the new green working atmosphere and also ensure a pleasant room climate. In the sanitary rooms, ecological hand soap and cleaning products, as well as toilet paper and towels made from recycled paper, should be standard.

The technical equipment of your company also offers potential for sustainable work. Take a close look at your IT infrastructure with regard to dimensioning or get an experienced service provider on board. In many companies, for example, stationary computer workstations can be replaced by laptops or networks can be downsized. Energy- and cost-intensive multifunction printers are sometimes superfluous.

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