A real hero no longer pays attention to style alone when buying socks. They pay attention to the cute, custom branded printing on the socks but most of all, they pay attention to sustainability. And because doing our bit for the environment is becoming increasingly important, we are also adding more and more environmentally friendly pairs to our range. There are also more and more brands that make beautiful things with attention to the planet. How do you recognize sustainable socks and which brands sell eco socks? Let’s look further.

Sustainable Socks: Which Materials?

1. Organic Cotton Socks

If you delve into the sock world, you will discover that cotton is the most preferred material for socks. It is wear-resistant and moisture-absorbent, but for durable socks you better turn to its organic brother. For organic cotton, also known as organic cotton, fewer chemicals are used, which in turn is better for people and the environment. The GOTS certificate is available to ensure that your organic cotton socks pass the ecological inspection. This label sets requirements for the percentage of biological fibres, chemicals, working conditions and handling of water and energy.

2. bamboo socks

A second option for sustainable socks is to go for the completely trendy bamboo. But are bamboo socks sustainable? Although there is still room for improvement in the field of processing, cultivation is in any case much more environmentally friendly than other materials. Bamboo grows mega fast and also naturally with only rainwater. In addition, no chemical pesticides are used and it is one hundred percent biodegradable. Enough reasons to quickly score your ecologically responsible bamboo socks.

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Sustainable Socks: Which brands?


While there are many brands out there that are into sustainable socks, these are the three brands that have proven to be sustainable so far.

1. Healthy Seas Socks

The 100% ecological socks from Healthy Seas Socks can recently be found on the internet. The brand is a collaboration of divers, a yarn producer and a sock producer who together aim to make the sea a bit cleaner. The socks are made from surfaced fishing nets, in which fish often get entangled. But that’s not all: besides the fact that the socks are durable, they are also just great fun.

2. Bamboo Basics

You probably know this brand from the comfortable Bamboo Basics underwear . But that was not enough for Bamboo Basics . Because if bamboo is so comfortable, why not hoist your whole body into it? The result: super soft socks that simultaneously contribute to a better environment. This is because the production of bamboo socks requires less water than for cotton. So environmentally conscious and comfortable socks!


The brand with the ambition to become the number one in sustainable socks in the world should of course not be missing from this list. To achieve this goal, the socks are made from organic, GOTS-certified cotton. In addition, QNOOP socks are quite stylish and they have a handy button construction, so that these eco socks stay together well in the wash.


The use of sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and ethical has become an important trend in the fashion industry.

The use of sustainable materials that are eco-friendly and ethical has become an important trend in the fashion industry. This is why brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma have started using these products as well.

It is also important to note that these brands are not just using these products because it is trendy or popular but because they are actually good for you.