garden maintenanceThe website is where you can book the services of maintenance experts who undertake property maintenance actions that also benefit the environment. Aside from rendering services focused on ensuring the proper functionality and upkeep of residences and buildings, C&B Property Maintenance LLC also offers eco-conscious landscaping services.

The Significance of Eco-Friendly Landscape Design and Services

Supervised by landscape professionals with more than 20 years of experience, the actions taken by C&B technicians involve the selection of trees, bushes, shrubs and flowers that are native to the Connecticut region. Eco-conscious efforts of prioritizing native plants will enhance the sustainability of the landscaped area, since the plants can easily adapt to the climate and the soil.

Propagating the plants therefore, will require minimal maintenance and less applications of pesticides and fertilizers. Moreover, grouping together plants with similar light and water requirements promotes efficient care.

Tree Removal and Replacement – Environment Friendly Ways of Caring for Property Surroundings

C&B Property Maintenance LLC also undertakes tree and stump removal actions, which are essential in maintaining a healthy and safe surroundings. Although trees are important elements of the environment because they are first and foremost used as habitats by birds and other wildlife living in the area.

Moreover, trees are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide in exchange for releasing oxygen in the atmosphere. In a way, trees help in reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, which has been adversely influencing the Earth’s climate.
However, it’s also important to remove dead or dying trees in order to free space that will be used for planting new ones.

dead treeBesides, dead trees and stumps can no longer bring on the environmental benefits provided by healthy living trees.
Dead trees or what experts call structurally compromised trees, are candidates for tree removal actions since they are significant threats to the safety of a property and people.
C&B’s tree removal experts are also arborists who are knowledgeable in evaluating if there is truly a need to remove a tree. In some cases, the best course of action to take, merely requires pruning or other maintenance solutions like improving soil health. Their knowledge includes knowing the right time to schedule tree removal activities, by considering the nesting or breeding seasons of the birds and other wildlife thriving in the area.
In relation to tree removal services, it’s also important for a property maintenance provider to offer tree planting services. To ensure that your property maintains its aesthetic appeal, allow C&B’s foliage expert to plant your trees, as his or her knowledge will increase the success of a tree’s growth pattern.