Are you drawn to the sea or rather to the city? There are a total of twelve different signs of the zodiac, all of which have different characteristics and characteristics, like those with Midheaven in Leo. This depends, for example, on which element they are assigned to and to which ruling planet they belong. Some are said to have a penchant for technology. Others should have special access to nature. We introduce you to four environmentally conscious zodiac signs that need roots, forests, and water to be happy.

Taurus: Back to the roots

Anyone born under the zodiac sign Taurus has a very special soft spot for the beauty of nature. In astrology, Taurus is one of the earth signs and thus has special access to our natural environment. Taurus is down-to-earth, loyal, and tradition-conscious. Are you a Taurus? Then you probably don’t need a luxury yacht to feel comfortable. Even a short hike in the nearest village awakens your deepest satisfaction. The influence of your ruling planet Venus (the symbol of aesthetics and beauty) leads Taurus-born to discover beauty in the simplest things. Whether flower or plant – you also enjoy the little things. You’ll probably feel more comfortable near trees than under a series of skyscrapers. With your enthusiasm and your knowledge of nature, you infect your fellow human beings!

Pisces: Green reveries

Asphalt, cars, technology? That’s probably not enough for you if your zodiac sign is Pisces. You are a creative, imaginative, and romantic person who sees more in the world than just the harsh reality. The zodiac sign Pisces is one of the water signs that are definitely emotional people and feel at home in a natural environment. Pisces is ruled by the ruling planet Neptune, which stands for dreams, longings, and connectedness. You probably like to pursue your profound emotions during a long walk in the forest. Or you can relax with a good book by the lake. Maybe you also love drawing outdoors? In the fresh air, you can sometimes really lose yourself in daydreaming and get one or the other creative idea that you can pursue later.


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Sagittarius: Off into the wilderness

You were born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius? Then you are probably often drawn to the far distance. Sagittarius-borns are little adventurers at heart who would like to explore the whole world – this includes beautiful nature with all its facets! The impulsive fire sign Sagittarius makes you choose the spontaneous trip to the tropics rather than going for a walk in the small village. Better to try something new than to get lost in the routine – that’s typical Sagittarius! Also typical is the spiritual side of the Sagittarius. What drives us, and what connects us to each other? As a Sagittarius, you see the big picture and long for harmony with nature, animals, and people.

Virgo: Retreat into the green

How about a nice local hut in the mountains? Or a nice holiday home on the water? Virgo-borns love the feeling of home and need the tranquility of nature to feel really comfortable. The zodiac sign Virgo, like Taurus, is also one of the earth signs. So their love for everything green was almost already laid in their cradle. Virgo-borns are considered native, careful, and detailed. Beaches for the crowds, trendy tourist areas, crowded hiking trails? That’s not your thing – you prefer it a bit more private and are always looking for insider tips that not everyone knows. You prefer to explore nature with your loved ones. On the other hand, sometimes you like to be alone – preferably surrounded by everything that blooms.