Environmental Activists


It is amazing how well Mother Earth is doing now that we are all staying in our rooms. Our environment is only benefiting from the quarantine and that is what many experts and environmentalists also note. It is therefore very important to maintain our ecological lifestyle. And with the help of the motivational words and posts of these seven eco-warriors on Instagram that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

1. Aditi Mayer

Aditi Mayer is a talented journalist and photographer with a passion for sustainable clothing labels. She did an internship at a sustainable clothing brand and soon noticed the importance of an ecological fashion industry. After her internship, the young creative jack-of-all-trades decided to set up her own blog ADIMAY on which she addresses the importance of a green future. On Instagram, she has already gathered more than 25,000 followers and shares interesting IGTVs in which she gives tips and tricks, but also talks about discrimination and sexual harassment.

2. Lauren Singer

The American Lauren Singer has been in the business for a little longer. She decided in 2012 to go completely plastic and packaging free and founded her blog and YouTube channel Trash is for Tossers to share her sustainable tips with the rest of the world. Singer also started her own company The Simply Co. On her online webshop, she sells packaging-free and 100% environmentally friendly products. The singer is undoubtedly one of the most well-known American environmentalists on social media: on Instagram, she has a whopping 380,000 followers.

3. Xiye Bastida

The 17-year-old climate activist with Mexican roots Xiye Bastida has been advocating for a sustainable world for as long as she can remember, and has recently started doing so on social media. She grew up in the indigenous tribe of Otomi-Toltec, where the environment and the health of Mother Earth are central. After moving to the United States, Xiye decided to live there as ecologically as possible and encourage others to do the same. ‘It is your generational responsibility to leave the world more beautiful than if you ended up on it. That’s what my parents have always taught me,” she said in an interview with Hello Giggles.


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4. Immy Lucas

The London curly ball Immy Lucas goes on Instagram under the name @sustainably_vegan through life. As that name suggests, she swears for a completely vegan and sustainable life. Immy goes in search of the little plastic-free and natural things in life and shares them with her 70,000 followers on Instagram. In addition, she teaches you on her YouTube channel how to make your own cosmetics and she is the founder of the environmental organization Low Impact Movement.

5. Blue Ollis

The gender-neutral Blue Ollis teaches us on Instagram how we can make the switch to a vegan lifestyle in an ethical way. The green guru shares tasty recipes for the novice vegan on the platform, handy DIYs for those who would like to switch to zero waste, and relaxing yoga exercises to catch their breath in time. Follow that trade!

6. Elizabeth Farrell

The 23-year-old Elizabeth Farrell is the Billie Eilish of climate activists. She does not shy away from a little rebellion to make her point of view clear and does not mince her words on social media. She thinks it’s important to have her say on Instagram because she’s convinced that’s the only way she can encourage her own generation to make a difference.

7. Lizzie Carr

Lizzie is the founder of @plastic_patrol, an app that teaches you to use less plastic. She is a dedicated environmentalist and is particularly optimistic about her fight against plastic pollution. From her paddleboard, she fishes plastic from the British waterways. You can follow her adventures on her Instagram page @lizzie_outside.

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