A couple cleaning their home


Environmentally friendly cleaning is not always easy due to the amount of water, electricity, and cleaning products you need for it. That is why some cleaning services make sure that their cleaning methods are all sustainable.

With organic cleaning products and the right methods, you can still ensure a sustainable household. With these 6 eco-friendly tips, you can thoroughly clean your home without putting an unnecessary burden on the environment.

Lemon as a biodegradable cleaning agent

If you are looking for organic cleaning products, you will soon end up with a lemon. Because lemons are said to have an antibacterial effect, they are great for cleaning different surfaces. The acid can also help to remove dirt and grease. Simply squeeze out a lemon and scrub away the grease, dirt, and limescale with the juice and a sheet of strong paper towels.

Environmentally friendly cleaning agents: baking soda

Baking soda is also useful in a sustainable household. It has a slightly abrasive effect and can therefore help to scrub pans, clean your oven and refresh your toilet bowl and sink.

Tackle mold with vinegar

Tackling mold with vinegar is also one of our favorite eco-friendly tips. In addition, it is said that vinegar has an antibacterial effect. There are many powerful, chemical mold removers available, but the simple cleaning vinegar can also do wonders. Combine the vinegar with baking soda for an even more powerful biodegradable cleaning agent.


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Sustainable cleaning without electricity

Vacuum cleaners, crumb thieves, and electric brushes may be very good at cleaning, but they are not the most sustainable solutions. You can save electricity by grabbing the broom and sweeper and can more often to wipe away dust instead of your electrical appliances.

Replace plastic sponges with kitchen paper

A clean sponge is immediately ruined after a dirty greasy cleaning job and can then immediately go into the garbage can. Instead, use a sheet of strong and absorbent paper towel for the really dirty work. Kitchen paper sucks up the fat and can be thrown away with peace of mind.

Make your own air freshener

You do your best to use only environmentally friendly cleaners, but what about your air fresheners? Now that you have a clean home, you can keep that fresh smell by making a natural air freshener yourself. Simply fill a small net or a piece of cheese/nettle cloth with nice-smelling herbs, such as rosemary and lavender.