Nowadays, the topic of environmental protection is more relevant than ever. People are becoming aware of the importance of environmental protection. You can see lots of videos on YouTube on ways to protect planet earth and the like. There are various videos regarding the environment that can be of great use in educational institutions. The best yt to mp3 can convert these videos into audio files.

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Why environmental protection is important

Creating jobs and stimulating the economy

Lots of people deal with nature and environmental protection every day. Whether organic farming or energy generation from wind and weather.

The maintenance of parks creates jobs. Tourism in national parks also creates jobs. So environmental protection boosts the economy and creates jobs.

Promotion of research and inventions

Humans copied certain functions such as the self-cleaning effect from nature for example from the lotus flower. Many paints and dirt-repellent surfaces can be traced back to the way this flower works.

Water rolls off their leaves, taking all dirt particles with it. Another example is the idea for the first airplane. This idea came to man while observing the wings of birds more closely.

People are fascinated and inspired by nature. It has always been like that. If you don’t pay enough attention to your environment, the animal and plant world will disappear over time and an entire ecosystem will collapse. An example that has been present for years would be the global melting of glaciers.

Prevention of natural disasters

Nature serves, among other things, as a balance between everything. For example, forests bind the CO2 and convert it into oxygen.

This mechanism is also important for contributing to a slowing down of climate change. It is therefore important to preserve green areas and forests or to replant them. This is a big issue, especially in the cities.

It is also interesting that forests are very helpful when it comes to preventing landslides and avalanches.

Deforestation thus changes the climate and can lead to droughts. If the forest is as natural and untouched as possible, it has positive effects on human beings and the environment.

Environmental protection = protection of people

Protecting nature also means protecting yourself. So if you deal more consciously with nature, you protect your survival at the same time. Careless handling and a lack of natural resources, such as water shortage, can also result in crises.