A car represents the joy and excitement of driving and is undoubtedly called “German’s beloved child”. Currently, 58.2 million vehicles are registered in Germany, and this trend is increasing. Disadvantages: Almost 30% of EU total CO2 emissions are due solely to road traffic. Given such numbers, reduced raw materials, and increased pollution, bicycles seem to be a nearly self-evident alternative.

This is the amount of CO2 you can save

Commuters who choose a bicycle instead of a car for one-way commuting (assuming 7 liters of gasoline / 100 kg consumption) emit 340 kg less CO2 in 210 business days 1 Year later – an impressive number. For diesel vehicles, i.e.  2022 Honda Pilot, CO2 savings are over 385 kilograms. When it comes to environmental compatibility, the bike is clearly on the move. If you want to determine a very accurate value for your vehicle, you can do this using a comparison calculator.


Bicycles instead of cars create true added value.

* Riding a bike instead of a car can protect the environment, save CO2 and show lasting care to fellow humans.

* Cycling instead of driving gives you a completely different environmental experience.

* If you ride a bicycle without driving, you are less likely to have an accident.

* All bicycles are relatively easy to move by public transport.

* You can save time by using a bicycle.

* Cycling instead of driving on a budget is easy.



Anyway, how suitable is a bicycle for everyday use?

* For commuting, it makes sense to switch from driving a car to a two-wheeled vehicle.

* Small purchases can be made by bicycle instead of a car.

* All you need for a happy holiday is a bicycle.

This should be taken into account when making changes

If you ride a lot, you need to make sure your bike is durable and in good condition. Also, if you don’t want to get wet or freeze when cycling or riding an electronic bike instead of biking, it makes sense to invest in rainwear or warm winter clothing. Of course, you should always have a bike tool that you can use to quickly fix minor malfunctions yourself.

Completely relaxed for environmental protection

In general, it’s not about polarized thinking in dimensions like a bike pair. Car or car-to-bicycle. Cycling is very fun and very eco-friendly, but it can be difficult to do completely without a car or change your normal daily life, especially at first. Maybe you should travel regularly by bicycle instead of by car. If some routes are too tight, you always have the option to replace your car with an electric bike.

Alternatively, you can rent a car from a friend or car-sharing, such as when moving or on a vacation trip. The more you get used to switching from four wheels to two wheels, the easier it will be to move this way. Especially because they are doing good things for themselves and the environment.