Sustainability and environmental awareness have been important issues in everyday lives for years. For the sake of the environment, many people are now trying to rethink their routines and make their lives more sustainable.

This ecological lifestyle can be implemented not only in everyday life but also when traveling especially when camping. Those who opt for a holiday in a mobile home generally pollute the environment with a significantly lower CO2 balance than when traveling by plane or cruise ship. In addition, further resources can be saved during arrival and departure as well as during the stay at the campsite.

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RV covers: Tips for more sustainable camping

Drive environmentally conscious

You can do something for the environment if you are already on your way to the campsite by minimizing the fuel consumption of your mobile home or camper. It starts with packing. Make sure to buy rv covers for sale before traveling. This can help not only your camper van but the environment as well.

Only fill the fresh water tank minimally. You can then fill it up completely at the campsite.

Empty the dirty water tank before departure.

Think about which clothes and utensils you really need for your trip. The fewer items you take with you, the more burden you save.

It is best to keep your food supplies to a minimum and shop locally. Taking drinks with you can quickly become a problem and increase fuel consumption.

You can also minimize consumption while driving. Drive with foresight and at a constant speed as possible, change gear early, and avoid frequent braking or accelerating. Optimum tire pressure and open windows instead of running air conditioning also limit fuel consumption and relieve your wallet as well as the environment.

Use resources conscientiously

During your stay at the campsite, you will have more opportunities to save resources and energy. It’s often the little things that have a big impact. For example, reduce the time in the shower and save water when doing the dishes by turning off the tap from time to time. Use as few electronic devices as possible or charge them with solar energy. Also, pay attention to energy-saving lighting. Your air conditioner is also a real power guzzler. So use the cooling wisely and turn it off when you leave the motorhome during the day.

Avoid waste or dispose of it correctly

Recycling should not only be a matter of course in everyday life, but also on camping holidays. Therefore, avoid packaging waste as much as possible. If this is not manageable, you can still safeguard the environment with accurate waste disposal.