We love Apple products – their simplicity, elegance, and durability.  Apple company is moving toward 100% renewable energy and it models sustainable business practices. The company is showing that brand value goes beyond profit and shareholder return. Sustainability goes beyond buying Apple products like the designer Apple Watch band. If you love Apple and care about the environment, here are seven simple ways to sustainably use your Apple devices!

Print two-sided Macs 

Digital documents sometimes fail. You must print your documents to proceed. First, save paper by printing double-sided on your Mac, MacBook, or PC. Make this your default printing choice to only print single-sided when necessary. For print choices on a Mac or MacBook, hit Command+P or File > Print from the top menu. If your printer supports double-sided printing, click.

Save this preset as your default printing choice. Select “Current Settings as Preset” from the Presets selection. Confirm preset.

Effective MacBook power management

Sustainability requires power and idle capacity savings. Macs and MacBooks are energy efficient, but you can still save by controlling power settings—these energy-conserving defaults help. Manually regulate your computer’s power! Your computer by selecting Sleep from the Apple menu. Screen “savers” use energy, so disable them in System Preferences > Screen Saver.

iPhone low power mode

When the battery drops below 40%, your iPhone enters Low Power Mode. A Low Power Mode can be used regardless of battery charge.

Settings > Battery Controls > Low Power Mode. This feature enhances device performance, decreases system animations, and lowers display brightness. More time between charges saves you and the world energy.

Charge without bringing your case

Some cases heat up when charging. That often degrades your iDevice’s battery capacity and performance. Please remove the case if your device gets heated when charging. This prolongs your battery’s life, improves its performance, and prevents e-waste.

Simple iPhone battery-saving settings 

If you constantly charge your iPhone or iPad, check your battery efficiency options. To save battery life, Apple recommends dimming your screen or using Auto-Brightness. Auto-Brightness adapts your screen to lighting. In Settings > Display & Brightness, turn Auto-Brightness on.

Use WiFi when available

WiFi consumes less power than cellular data networks for iDevice data access. As a result, always use WiFi and keep your WiFi settings turned on.

Reuse old iOS devices

Reuse old iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads in your home. They may seem old to you, but to others in your family, neighborhood, or local non-profit, they are new! Learn how to configure and revitalize these oldies in our repurposing post.

Use sustainability apps 

Some people are great at incorporating sustainable habits into their daily lives. Most people need reminders to live sustainably. Check out these apps to find your sustainable lifestyle.

  • HowGood is a retail app that scans a product’s barcode to highlight its health and environmental benefits. It displays social product ratings in a pleasant UI. GoodGuide is another app that helps you choose healthy consumer products based on a scientific rating scale of 1–10, including components, health consequences, and certifications.
  • GreenCalc is for carbon footprint seekers. It calculates home and road carbon emissions. Use this app to make greener choices at home and abroad.
  • iRecycleapp is for battery recyclers! iRecycle locates nearby recycling centers. iRecycle features 1.5 million options to recycle 350+ commodities in the US.

Use our tips for Earth Day and every day to make your life reflect Apple’s commitment to a better, healthier, and greener planet.