Environmental studies is a field that is constantly changing. Climate change, limnology, and conservation are three of today’s most compelling research areas. As a result, we require people who can study the environment and ensure that it is safe for everyone, regardless of where they live.





Here are Some of The most Fascinating Environmental Science Studies


Changes in The Climate

We will always exist in a surroundings, one thing is certain. The question is if it will be a good environment for us to live in.

Climate change researchers frequently face an uphill battle. You could be focusing on a single aspect of the problem, such as running distant eddy covariance towers, which quantify how gases circulate between both the earth and the sky. Or you could be tasked with a larger problem, such as convincing people that climate change is real.

In any case, there are numerous opportunities in this field. This is particularly the case now that the United States has elected a science-focused presidential administration, that also means there may be more climate change-related jobs at federal agencies in the near future.



Ecology of Fire

As temperatures rise, so will the number of wildfires. For years, United States fire policy relied on suppressing most fires with very little brush fires, but that isn’t the normal order of things, so we’re now trying to deal with a one-two hit: more hotter temperatures and dry fuels to burn them.