Climate protection is always the hardest when it restricts you personally in your habits. Environmental protection is not always easy. In almost every aspect of life, you need to save resources in order to promote a healthier planet overall so also with gaming. However, whether you are getting lol boosting for your league of legends game or downloading any video game, there are small things that you can do to protect the environment.

“Playing for the Planet”: Gaming as a mediator of climate change

Speaking of positive developments, the “Playing for the Planet” initiative should not go unmentioned. Supported by the United Nations (UN), the members of this alliance commit, according to their homepage, to “integrate environmentally friendly activities into games, reduce their emissions and support the global environmental agenda through initiatives “.

Publishers and developer studios that support this program contribute to a better climate in many ways, but the primary goal is to convey the message behind climate protection itself. It is committed to developing games which should motivate players to do more for the environment.

Other members of the “Playing for the Planet” initiative include big names such as Sony, SEGA, Niantic and Microsoft. The individual motives for participation can be viewed online. Microsoft, for example, also makes clear the motivation to reduce carbon emissions in all areas of activity and to reduce emissions from supply chains by 55 percent by 2030. The Minecraft initiative “Build a Better World” as part of the education program is also one of the company’s efforts.

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Rules of Green Gaming: How to do your part

You know how big an impact gaming really is on the planet. More and more publishers and companies are striving to be more sustainable. But what about you as players? What can you do to make your hobby more environmentally friendly?

  • Digital downloads instead of physical cases or streaming
  • Reduce server load by playing offline
  • Dispose of old devices at recycling centers
  • Separate plastic packaging correctly
  • Prefer used technology or renting to buying new
  • Avoid power guzzler consoles or only use them moderately
  • Switch off instead of standby mode
  • Disable RGB lighting on headsets and components
  • Clean PC components regularly for increased longevity
  • Support companies and campaigns that are committed to more sustainability

These can help you with your view of the sustainability of gaming. The tips here should motivate you to become more “green gaming” in one way or another.