You can now do something for the environment with green gaming. The growing gaming industry is putting more and more pressure on the environment. They are providing a few very simple tricks and tips on how your gaming behavior can become more environmentally friendly.

Green gaming – how to save energy

Hardly any gamer is aware of the fact that gambling is harmful to the environment. However, it is not that difficult to make your own small contribution to environmental protection while gaming.

  • Everyone knows the problem when you can’t save the game but can’t continue playing. Pausing the game for a long period of time consumes power unnecessarily.
  • Find games that you can save anytime or save automatically. In the future, most game manufacturers will probably support this anyway. If you still can’t save a game yourself, stop at a save point early to avoid having to pause it for a long time later.
  • Sleep mode consumes power as well sometimes almost like a running console. It is hardly necessary to go into sleep mode. Booting up often takes exactly the same time as when the console is switched off.
  • Don’t play cloud-based games for too long at a time. They consume a lot of energy because large machines make them run and they always need to be cooled. Thus, don’t spend too much time looking for Call of Dragons Talent Trees. This way, you can be an environmentally friendly gamer.

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Green Gaming – choose the right technology

They can also protect the environment with the right assessment of which technology is sufficient for them.

  • If you don’t want to play the games with the highest performance and best graphics, you don’t need the latest and most expensive consoles. This can be decisive for energy consumption, especially when choosing a PC.
  • However, you should still put your trust in modern technologies. Even mid-range graphics cards today can do as much as those of a few years ago.
  • It’s better to download games digitally. But even online data consumption contributes to “internet pollution”, which is responsible for almost 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions.

Green Gaming – the gaming industry needs to change

Of course, most of the responsibility for green gaming lies with the gaming industry itself.

There are non-profit organizations that have pushed the biggest companies to put high climate goals on their daily agenda.

Large and small companies have set themselves the goal of revolutionizing the gaming industry. This also includes the fact that the game itself is informed about climate change.