Sustainability has not only been a huge topic. Consumers shop more consciously, look for sustainable alternatives, and prefer companies that work in an environmentally friendly manner. The topic is getting bigger and bigger. From the origin of the goods to processing and logistics, customers are increasingly attaching great importance to the fact that their consumption does not unnecessarily increase the ecological footprint.

Rely on green electricity and save energy

In addition to being an ecological electricity provider, an energy-saving office organization is also important. This includes energy-saving devices, economical use, and energy-efficient IT infrastructure. For example, laptops use up to 70 percent less power than tower computer systems. If you also choose the setting so that devices switch to standby mode after a few minutes of non-use, you save even more not only energy but also costs.

Highland Cabinetry

Shop sustainably in the Highland Cabinetry Company

You should also keep an eye on the topic of sustainability when choosing suppliers and when making purchases and orders for your company. Order your office supplies from sustainable providers. Find out about the origin and transport routes of the goods you order. Give print jobs to companies that print on recycled paper and rely on robust and durable materials instead of constantly buying new ones for cheap. Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, install water filters, and save paper. There are no limits to sustainable creativity.

Act sustainably and talk about it

Of course, you should actively practice sustainability, environmental and climate protection in your company and not just tackle these issues because your competition is doing it or because you want to improve your image. But that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about your commitment. For instance, Highland Cabinetry uses quality but sustainable all-wood materials for any kitchen cabinet project. This company is able to do its part in protecting the environment.

Bring the topic of sustainability to your website and show what you have already implemented and what goals you have set yourself in a separate area. If you carry out specific actions, perhaps also together with your team, share them on your social media channels and call for participation. If certain information is important for your customers, for example, the environmentally friendly shipping of your goods, you can also include this in your FAQ.